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Save the Planet

How much time you need (estimated) Less than 30 minutes
Where it happens


Who needs to help you None (activity can be done with limited or no adult involvement)
When it happens

All year long

What you need

Reusable containers, utensils, napkins and water bottles

How it helps

The average student creates an average of 67 pounds of lunchtime trash each school year. There are over 50 million students in the U.S. That is over 3 billion pounds of trash! By packing a trash free lunch, you can help reduce that number and help protect our planet.


1. When packing lunch in the morning, instead of using single use, disposable items such as plastic bags, tin foil, paper napkins, plastic spoons, etc., choose reusable items such as cloth napkins and sandwich bags, reusable water bottles, and other items that can be used over and over again (after a good cleaning).

2. Go to school, eat your lunch, and be proud nothing ends up in the trash (or a landfill) at the end of the day!

Nonprofits you can work with

Grades of Green

Next Steps

Get this program started at your school so every single student is packing a trash free lunch. Do this by talking to a teacher or principal. If you have any questions about how best to do this or need help implementing the program at your school, contact Grades of Green at

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