"People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget the way you made them feel." – Maya Angelou


The "Giving Lists"

This is where we celebrate the kids, groups, schools, and others out there making the world a better place, one good deed or project at a time. It's pretty easy to make our list - just do something for someone else (or for the planet or for animals) and share it with us! We want to see just how big this list can get. So go ahead, do some good and send us an email. We'll get your name and city on the list and maybe we'll even do a special spotlight story on your amazing work. And if you have a picture of your greatness, we hope you'll share that with us too (cause who doesn't love a good picture)!


Giving Kids:

The Schiff Kids, Los Angeles, CA

The Simpson Kids, Los Angeles, CA

The Yuska Kids, Orlando, FL

Victoria Fleming, Boston, MA

Hailey R., New York

Annie B., Connecticut

The Hammer Kids, Boston, MA

The Jacob Kids, Boston, MA

The Yaphe Kids, Boston, MA

Sophie S., Los Angeles, CA

The Heston Kids, Orlando, FL

Jackie B., Boston, MA

The Pratt Boys, Los Angeles, CA


Giving Schools:

St. Mary Magdalen School, Altamonte Springs, FL

Campbell Hall School, North Hollywood, CA

Glover Elementary School,  Milton, MA

Tucker Elementary School, Milton, MA

Cunningham Elementary School, Milton, MA

Collicot Elementary School, Milton, MA


Giving Groups:

Crossroads For Kids, Boston, MA

TACSC (The Association of Catholic Student Councils), Los Angeles, CA

Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester, Dorchester, MA

Boys & Girls Club of Watertown, Watertown, MA

Boys & Girls Club of Woburn, Woburn, MA

Girls, Inc., Lynn, MA

ASPIRE, Downey, CA


Spotlight: TACSC, PGK and CPFS (Lots of Letters Coming Together for Lots of Good)

Each year, we partner with our friends at TACSC to dream up a service project we think will resonate with the roughly 2500 middle school students from over 80 schools that come together for their SLD Days to learn about being student leaders. This year, we introduced them to our friends at Cell Phone for Soldiers (or CPFS).

At TACSC, a specific focus was placed on servant leadership this year. Participants discussed the pillars of servant leadership, and students were challenged to find their “magis” and create a program that will serve their schools, parishes and communities while fulfilling their own passion to help others. In introducing them to Cell Phone for Soldiers, a nonprofit organization serving our veterans that was founded by middle school students, the participants were able to see servant leadership in action and express their gratitude to our troops by way of short video clips.

As noted by Program Director, Gene Detre, “In order to lead, you must serve. And it does not matter how old you are… you can start today.” At PGK, we believe whole-heartedly in this message. And apparently it resonated too. As noted by Anita from St. Pius X Elementary School, "This Student Leadership Day was the best day ever! I learned that I can make a difference in the lives of others and helping others is what I want to do! To be a leader, I must serve. And there are lots of people I can serve!"

Anita, thanks for reminding all of us there are many people we can serve every day. And thank you, TACSC, for helping students realize their power to change the world!

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