"After imagination and belief, the next steps to art making, however modest, are the materials..." - Honor Fraser

Who we are

Our mission is simple: to collect as many crayons as possible and donate them to kids in need in an environmental and arts education initiative. Billions of crayons are produced each year, and much of that ends up in our landfills. These petroleum-derived crayons can take years - even decades - to decompose. Meanwhile, U.S. teachers in underfunded public schools are spending an average of $750 of their own income every year on supplies for their classrooms. We seek to solve this issue in a very efficient and green way!

How to get in touch with us

Mailing Address:

Crayon Collection
149 S. Barrington Ave. #649
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Email: info@crayoncollection.org


What we are all about

We pair participating Crayon Collection restaurant chains with local high-poverty Title 1 schools. These recipient schools pick up the restaurants' gently-used crayons every month to augment the supplies they need in their classrooms. Preschools and elementary schools throughout the country also hold crayon drives and donate to nearby schools in need, which teaches invaluable lessons to our youth about eco-mindedness and the daily opportunity to help others.

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Upcoming events

For detailed information about upcoming events, please email info@crayoncollection.org or follow us on Facebook!

How can you help

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