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Aid the Animals

How much time you need (estimated) 30-60 minutes
Where it happens

At home at your kitchen table or with your class or Scout troop wherever you usually get together

Who needs to help you Class, Scout troop, sports team or other group of like-minded kids
When it happens

All year long

What you need

1. Scissors

2. 18 inch squares of colorful fabric per toy OR an old t-shirt

How it helps

Chewing is a natural way for dogs to relax and to play, but shelters and dog rescues often don't have enough toys for the dogs awaiting their forever homes. You can help by making some special toys for them to play with!


1. Cut the colorful fabric squares into strips. Put one strip aside to use later. (If using an old t-shirt, cut the t-shirt vertically into long strips. Put the sleeves aside to use later.)

2. Braid the strips into a long braid. You can use 2-3 strips of material for each section of the braid to make a thicker/fatter toy.

3. Take the one strip you set aside and cut it into two pieces. You'll use these two smaller strips to tie each end of the braid so it stays braided. (If you're using an old t-shirt, cut the sleeves open so they become two short strips.)

4. Tightly tie a small strip around each end of the braid about 2 inches away from the tip. Then ruffle up the tips of the braid so the edges are fringed like a frayed rope.

5. You're done! Make as many braided toys as you like with your family and friends and deliver the finished product to your local shelter, bring them to a Karma Rescue adoption event, or send them to us at Karma Rescue.

Nonprofits you can work with

Karma Rescue

Next Steps

Follow the instructions provided. When finished, drop off the toys you make at your local shelter for pups or mail them to Karma Rescue at 1158 26th Street, Suite 155PBM, Santa Monica, CA 90403. You can also bring them to a Karma Rescue adoption event or "Yappy Hour" where we will take a picture with you and your crafted toys for our Facebook page!

Adoption & "Yappy Hour" dates and locations are listed on our website or you can contact us directly at or (310) 512-7833.

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