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Who we are

Cell Phones For Soldiers is a nonprofit dedicated to serving troops and veterans with free communication services and emergency funding. The organization was founded in 2004 by Robbie and Brittany Bergquist at the ages of 12 and 13. To date, Cell Phones For Soldiers has provided more than 290 million minutes of talk time to our troops serving around the world through the Minutes That Matter program, and we continue Helping Heroes Home via emergency funds to veterans.

                         Robbie And Brittany 2013

How to get in touch with us

Contact Information:

Robbie Bergquist
Phone: (678) 580-1976
Email: rob@cellphonesforsoldiers.com


What we are all about

We help connect military members with loved ones by providing free means of communications when they are deployed around the world. We provide military members with free calls home and emergency funds to veterans thanks to cell phone and monetary donations.

Upcoming events

During the holiday season (November - December), many active-duty military members are deployed and will not be able to spend the holidays with their families. A phone call home during the holidays can make all the difference, so we encourage you to show your support this time of year!

How can you help

Goods Donate Goods
Volunteer from Home Volunteer from home
Money Donate Money
Volunteer on site
Volunteer in your community

Opportunities listed above reflect those available in your area. If you would like to see all options, be sure to select “Show me everything” in the location drop down above.

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