"As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way." - Mary Ann Radmacher

The Power of a Small Act

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, the kind of place where you look out for your neighbor. It's not done under the banner of "charity" or "philanthropy" most of the time. You do it because you know who's on the other end, and you care.

As the world population continues to migrate toward urban areas, it is easy to lose the sense of urgency and also the sense of familiarity that can spur us to take action. Often times we don't personally know the one on the other end. And while it might make it easier to go about our own business, does it make such acts any less important? I would argue no. If anything, it makes them all the more important. Those of us with the inclination to serve in small ways, have an even bigger obligation to lead by example, lest we all stay a little too "heads down" in our own little worlds, carved within these much larger ecosystems.

My parents still live in the small down I grew up in, where "take care of your neighbor" is a mantra still lived by. My mom forwarded me an inspiring story the other day from our little town. The lead character: a six-year old girl named Lilly, and her small red wagon. Lilly's parents responded to a community call put out in hopes of finding families to donate one meal a month to local residents. But Lilly had an even bigger idea. More than 1,000 donated items later, Lilly delivered her wagon full, with the help of her friends at her school.

Chances are that Lilly doesn't fully understand the lasting ripple of her act of kindness, borne out of her natural response to a need she saw in a community she loves. Chances are she will never forget that moment either, and that ripple will know no end. We each have that kind of opportunity before us, even when we don't immediately see it. And if we, like Lilly's parents, give our kids the support they need to execute these small acts, it won't just be our kids who are forever changed.

- Molly

Read more about Lilly's story here.


PGK Action Bulletin - September

Welcome to the new PGK in Action portion of our site! Here we will highlight pictures and stories about kids giving back, insights from nonprofits on how they are benefitting from these young volunteers, news about PGK in the news, and other fun things. 

If you’ve got something to share, we’d love to hear from you! Truth be told, this section will only be truly cool when our users and friends start sending us their stuff. You are out there doing good deeds and we want this to be a place where you can share that with the world! (You just never know who you may inspire.) All you have to do is send us an email to info@projectgivingkids.org.

Tell us about your experience using the Project Giving Kids site, completing one of the activities you found here, participating in another service event at your school or with your family – whatever you’ve done to help others that has been special for you. If you have a picture or two of you in action, we’d love that too. We will periodically update the site with content we receive, so check back often and see if you can find yourself starring in the latest version of our site!



Field of Greens

Food for Free’s Field of Greens harvesting project – Summer 2014

“One day I was on the computer doing some boring stuff. While I was on the device, my mom showed me this Project Giving Kids website. At first I thought that it was going to be more boring than the things that I had been doing. Right away I clicked on helping animals. For my project, my classmates and I donated all sorts of things to animals in need. It turned out that the website was not boring at all.” – Turner, age 9


Baby & toddler toy sorting and cleaning at Room to Grow – Summer 2014

“Doing activities with Project Giving Kids makes me feel like I’m a super hero. Because super heroes help other people and they feel good about themselves – and that’s how I felt.” - Hadley, age 10


Welcome to the New Project Giving Kids

The New PGK

The New PGK

Welcome to the new Project Giving Kids website! We thought the start of a new school year would be a great time to release this new version, as the new school year represents new beginnings and new possibilities in the life of a child. As kids continue to grow and evolve, we hope they also continue to grow and evolve in service and self-esteem, and we hope Project Giving Kids can be a tool that helps them do just that.

In this new version, you will find helpful new resources for adults – including parents, teachers, interested volunteers, and more, aimed at helping them integrate the PGK experience into their work with kids. You also can explore a fun new section called PGK In Action highlighting pictures and stories about kids in service in the world around them, as well as links to media coverage and other interesting tidbits regarding PGK. We encourageyour family to add to this part of our site by sending your pictures and stories of giving back to us at info@projectgivingkids.org.

Finally, we want to welcome the latest nonprofit additions to our site, including Families First and Grades of Green! (Insert links to their profile pages on PGK site.) Our site would be nothing without the nonprofit partners who are doing the amazing work in our communities that enable so many to live and thrive in ways they otherwise would not. We at Project Giving Kids are inspired by their work every day and hope you will be too!


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